UK Celebrites Spotted Wearing UK Maternity Brand, Mama Jeanius

Posted on May 17 2013

Kirsty-McCabe-1794913The Make-Over Queen, Nicky Hambleton-Jones wore Mama Jeanius’ under the bump skinny, dark denim jeans!  “Mama Jeanius jeans are comfortable, with the added bonus of looking great too! The adjustable/flexible waistband means there’s no need to buy different jeans as your bump grows, and this is a money saver because it saves you forking our for varying sizes through pregnancy. I think it’s fantastic that the brand offers a diversity of fits and colours to ensure you don’t have to forsake your style – as a lover of fashion this is always a consideration for me!”
The gorgeous TV presenter Kirsty McCabe and this is what she had to say on her ivillage blog : “…..As you may have gathered in previous blogs, I am rather obsessed with maternity clothes for both on and off-screen wear. When I was expecting Ethan I hunted high and low for a decent pair of jeans. I knew exactly what I wanted: over the bump, skinny and long enough of leg for my 5ft 9 frame. For some reason most maternity jeans come in one length, the majority of over the bumpers are boot leg while skinny jeans tend to be under bumpers (that never stay up on me).


Thankfully this pregnancy I have found Mama Jeanius, the brainchild of Katie Powell, who do maternity jeans in just about every combination of style, leg length and over/under bumpiness. After trying on a pair (the denim of which was remarkably soft and instantly comfortable) at the Baby Show it would appear I have found my staple wardrobe item for the last few months of pregnancy and the first few of life with a newborn (presuming I ever get out of my pyjamas, of course)….

The lovely TV presenter Amy Garcia was spotted in a pair of Mama Jeanius Maternity Jeans looking absolutely stunning! Amy had opted for the denim band jean, unique to Mama Jeanius, in a skinny leg in dark denim….“Holly Matthews’ pet hate is ill fitting jeans and being so petite in normal life she often struggles to get the right fit. During pregnancy this is even harder as although she is still a size 6-8 UK sizing, her bump is now too big to fit into her normal jeans.  Holly's favourite are her  skinny fit, black, Mama Life jeans that have a band that goes over her belly and hugs the bump but is still skinny enough on her legs to fit correctly.” Holly is thrilled with her pair of Mama Life skinny black jeans and hasn’t looked back. She loves them and their styl

teddy (2)The lovely Stacey Solomon visited us at the Excel Baby Show in February 2012. She loves skinny jeans and snapped-up a pair of  Mama Life, Skinny, Black Jeans.  No doubt she will look stunning in them!  Stacey gave birth to Leighton a 7lbs 7oz boy at the Queen’s Hospital in Romford, Essex at 12:30pm on May 5 2012. He is now the younger brother of Zachary and they both enjoy their football.  We hope Stacey will be wearing her jeans for any future plans for a brother or sister for her boys!

Teddy Sheringham and Kristina Andriotis (September 2011)  Stunning Kristina who gave birth to George Sheringham in December 2011 loved her Mama Jeanius Maternity Jeans.   Kristina had two pairs of Mama Joy, skinny jeans and looked amazing in them. As you can see they were thrilled with the jeans and they will come in very useful in the coming months…

Just Maternity Jeans is happy to stock Skinny, Boot Cut and Straight Leg Maternity Jeans by Mama Jeanius.

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