Maternity Dungarees with a 'Flay' Difference

Posted on June 12 2012

Even before your baby bump starts making its first appearance, you are going to notice the tightness of your regular clothes around the waist and hips, prompting you to look at what's on offer in maternity fashion.

Pregnancy Dungarees
There may be an option you haven't yet considered, thanks to a history of baggy oversized garments that flatter no-one.  Yes, it's the Dungaree! 

The maternity dungaree is what could be described as a guilty pleasure.  Never has there been a better time to invest in comfort and YES a little bit of 80's style!

Vintage Denim Dungarees
Slim Fit Maternity Dungarees at £49.99

Our new maternity dungarees from Flay, don't just fit the bill, they massively exceed it.  Slim fitting around your bottom and thighs, and adjustable around the waist and bump, these jeans should last you from early bump to full term.

These stylish maternity dungarees offer you the chance to show off your beautiful new curves with the added bonus of comfort and a little bit of support. Could there be a better time to slip into a pair of dungarees than during pregnancy!?

Show the world your bump. These super dungarees can be worn rolled or unrolled at the ankle, the straps can be adjusted, as can the size of the bump. And they are made in Italy, so quality is without question.

Say no to ill fitting frumpy dungarees, say yes to slim fitting figure flattering Flay dungarees. We absolutely love them!

Black Denim Dungarees
Slim Fit Maternity Dungarees at £49.99


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