Coloured Maternity Jeans will Spice Up Any Maternity Wardrobe

Posted on June 12 2012

 Colored maternity jeans will certainly add some spirit to your maternity wardrobe this summer, and nothing fits the bill better than bright red. Just take a look at Boob's offering of Skinny Red Maternity Jeans.

SKinny Red Coloured Maternity Jeans

Boob Skinny Red
These jeans are made from a fabulous stretch fabric that will hug you in a all the right places without clinging to you. Check out the rich vibrant red with matching red belly band that will support your growing bump from early pregnancy right through to full term!

Why give up on the latest trend, just because you are pregnant! We think these jeans will add a touch of sparkle to any maternity wardrobe.

Latest Reviews of the Boob Red Skinny:

Mrs G
Boob Skinny Red

really great jeans. have worn them non stop. the color is really bright and fun. would highly recommend.

Boob Skinny Red

totally love these jeans, skinny fit, god quality fabric, really nice belly band. i will be wearing these all summer.

Rachel M
Boob Skinny Red

I looked for ages to find red maternity jeans. they are a really vibrant red, absolutely gorgeous, am so happy to have them. thanks a lot.

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