Mama Jeanius - A Revolution in Maternity Jeans?

Posted on June 02 2012

Open any pregnancy and baby magazine in the UK these days and you'll see an abundance of maternity jean features and reviews, all talking about a relatively new specialist maternity jeans company called Mama Jeanius.

With a little bit of investigation, we (at Just Maternity Jeans) were excited to discover Mama Jeanius isn't just a new brand, it's a collection of revolutionary new maternity jeans designs.

Take for example Mama Jeanius Mama Joy, a maternity jean with an adjustable waistband mechanism that can be adapted by 15cm on both sides!

At first we weren't sure this could actually work whilst keeping the integrity of the tailored jeans, but it does.  The waistband is extremely easy to use, ingeniously hidden and the soft rubber buttons mean you will not feel them at all.

We're pretty sure that this is the only pair of jeans on the market that offers complete flexibility to grow ... and grow.... and grow... taking you through your whole pregnancy with comfort!

Mama Jeanius' 'Mama Life'' also does not disappoint.  A totally new style of maternity jean, Mama Life introduces a seamless denim bump band.

Again we weren't sure how a denim bump band would feel but were very pleased to discover the band is lined with a super soft jersey fabric, while externally the bump is just an extension of the jeans, delivering the only truly seamless maternity jean!  What's more this band can be worn, under, on or over your bump so you aren't tied to one fit.

Mama Jeanius' 'Mama love' responds to real customer feedback at JMJ.  Countless customers tell us that maternity jean manufacturers create jeans with a far too low rise at the back.  Not so for Mama Love.  Expertly designed, you'll enjoy a high rise at the back, with a low front that won't cut into your bump. The belly band is the tallest we've come across, and the most flexible.  If you are carrying twins or more, this is without a doubt the right maternity wear choice for you.

It's not often that we take on a new manufacturer that 'knocks our socks off' but this one really has.  Don't just take our word for it, take a look at a revolution in maternity jeans style and fit, view Mama Jeanius at Just Maternity Jeans today!

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